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Retirement Security


What Is Social Security Disability Insurance? An SSDI Primer

Understanding how SSDI works is a necessary first step to instituting reforms that can put the program on a fiscally sustainable path. Read More.

SSDI Trust Fund Exhaustion Threatens Benefit Cuts

Disability Insurance is on the path to insolvency by the end of 2016, threatening beneficiaries with a 20 percent across-the-board cut of benefits. Read More.

Thousands of Veterans Receive $100,000+ in Benefits

Veterans receiving concurrent benefits from three different federal programs is leading to excessive amounts for some recipients, warranting congressional action to streamline duplicative benefits. Read More.

Payroll Tax Reallocation Would Prevent Necessary Reforms

A reallocation would not only evade necessary DI program reforms, but would raid Social Security and risk significant benefit cuts for millions of retirees, or substantial tax increases for current and future workers. Read More..

How the ABLE Act Would Expand the Welfare State

Congress should not eliminate the asset test for all families with children on SSI. Congress should reform the treatment of savings for all Americans and preserve means-tested program benefits for those Americans who need them the most. Read More.

Congress should address the SSDI trust fund’s impending shortfall by making eligibility and benefit changes that preserve benefits for those who truly need them, while encouraging those who are able to return to work to do so.


Experts on Disability

  • Romina  Boccia img Romina Boccia

    Deputy Director, Thomas A. Roe Institute for Economic Policy Studies and Grover M. Hermann Research Fellow

  • Rachel Greszler img Rachel Greszler

    Senior Policy Analyst, Economics and Entitlements