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Public Diplomacy

International Broadcasting

The Iranian Elections and Public Diplomacy 2.0

Iran's elections last Friday and their dramatic aftermath provided the Obama Administration a unique opportunity to put into action key elements of the government's public diplomacy strategy. Read More.

Visa Waiver as an Effective Public Diplomacy Tool

When a program can increase U.S. security and counterterrorism efforts and benefit the American economy at a time of a struggling recovery, you have hit a double jackpot. Read More.

Public Diplomacy Expectations

Expectations around the world for the incoming Obama administration have reached outlandish heights. Read More.

U.S. International Broadcasting deserves renewed attention at a time of increased avenues of communication. America should be prepared to speak directly to different populations. Yet at the same time, the digital divide between tech-savvy elites and rural populations, mandates that radio and television remain key elements of U.S. communications strategy.


Experts on International Broadcasting