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Missile Defense

Missile Defense Policy in 2016

Solutions 2016 is an arsenal of today’s best conservative policy recommendations for those fighting on the front lines of American political life, whether by running for office or simply being an active citizen in their community. Read More.

Protecting America in the New Missile Age

A one-hour documentary that tells the story of the very real threat foreign enemies pose to every one of us. No matter where on Earth a missile is launched, it would take 33 minutes or less to hit the U.S. Read More.

Ballistic Missile Defense: Heritage Recommendations

This Heritage Foundation research offers policy recommendations that would protect the U.S. and its allies from missiles tipped with nuclear weapons. Read More.

The threat from long-range nuclear missiles is growing and endangers the lives of millions of Americans, while upsetting regional and global stability. America needs a comprehensive ballistic missile defense system that employs a multilayered defense system of sea, ground, and space-based systems.


Experts on Missile Defense