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Health Care

State Health Care Reform

Medicaid Expansion: How Does Your State Fare?

While it is true that some states may see projected savings, it is erroneous to claim that this experience applies to every state. Read More.

Expanding Medicaid Plans is a Costly Mistake for States

States are already struggling to pay their Medicaid bills. Why put taxpayers on the hook to pay even more? Read More.

A Risky Proposition for the States

Recent decisions by the Obama Administration concerning the health care exchanges and Medicaid expansion underscore what a risky proposition Obamacare is for the states. Read More.

A State Lawmaker's Guide to Health Insurance Exchanges

Health insurance exchanges are a good idea—if they are used to implement patient-centered and market-based health reforms that enhance choices and value for customers. Read More.

Over the past half-century, the federal government and other institutions have increasingly taken control of Americans' health care. It is time to restore that control to individuals and families, both as patients and as consumers. This will require a uniquely American solution to our health care crisis--a solution that can and should arise from the states.


Experts on State Health Care Reform