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Energy Policy

Department of Energy Budget Cuts

Government spending has been spiraling upward—and spending by nearly all government agencies can, and should, be cut. President Obama has just submitted his 2013 budget request to Congress, providing fertile ground for spending cuts. Read More.

The DoE Should Not Be the Green Banker

The Clean Energy Deployment Administration (CEDA) proposed in the Clean Energy Financing Act would act as a “green bank” to provide loan guarantees to energy and automotive projects that Washington deems worthy. Read More.

New Documentary: Powering America

Is nuclear energy safe? Powering America answers this question and more by pulling back the veil on nuclear energy and follows the men and women who work in America's nuclear power industry. Read More.

Energy Policy in 2016

Solutions 2016 provides candidates for elected office the ability to quickly identify the key issues of the day and present clear policy recommendations, supported by facts, for addressing them. Read more.

Current energy policies hamper the development of America’s vast and diverse energy resources and misdirect energy markets. This leads to high prices, less innovation, and energy dependence. Congress should remove harmful policies to unlock energy markets and enable the private sector to provide reliable and affordable energy.


Experts on Energy Policy