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Energy and Environment

Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas

Natural Gas Policy: Access, Not Over-Regulation

Natural gas is a plentiful domestic resource with tremendous potential to increase the U.S. energy supply. Tapping this resource will create jobs and boost an ailing economy. Read More.

Needless Keystone Delay Obstructs Energy, Jobs

The Obama Administration has announced that it will delay the decision to approve or reject construction of the proposed Keystone XL oil pipeline until after the presidential elections in 2012. Read More.

Energy Exploration Would Create Jobs and Revenue

Gas prices are above $3.60 per gallon nationally, the unemployment rate is hovering at 9 percent, and the country is $14 trillion in debt. Read More.

Overbearing regulations and broad access restrictions prevent the development of vast amounts of accessible and affordable coal, oil, and natural gas.  America should pursue a market-based, open access strategy, allowing energy producers to safely develop American energy resources to allow for affordable and reliable energy. 


Experts on Coal, Oil, and Natural Gas

  • Nicolas Loris img Nicolas Loris

    Herbert and Joyce Morgan Fellow in Energy and Environmental Policy