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National Standards and Testing

States Must Reject National Education Standards

For four and a half decades, the federal role in education has been growing. Costly in terms of taxpayer dollars spent and local control of education lost, this expanding federal control has failed to improve outcomes for America’s children. Read More.

National Education Standards and Tests

National educational standards and tests are expensive and have little reward. Read More.

National Standards Won't Fix Education

American education needs to be fixed, but national standards and testing are not the way to do it. The problems that need fixing are too deeply ingrained in the power and incentive structure of the public education system. Read More.

The push for national education standards is the biggest federal overreach in education in nearly half a century. Rather than improving academic achievement, national standards will lead to greater centralization of American education and likely standardize mediocrity in the process. Policymakers should restore accountability to parents and taxpayers, not bureaucrats, through policies like school choice.

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