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Economic Impact of a 25 Percent Corporate Tax Rate

One way to spur private sector investment in the U.S. and get it into the hands of entrepreneurs would be to reduce the federal statutory corporate income tax rate, which is currently 35 percent. Read More.

Obama Tax Hikes: The Economic and Fiscal Effects

President Obama has advanced a plan that reverses the long-standing successful policy: The President and his supporters are calling for tax increases, primarily on upper-income taxpayers and businesses. Read More.

What Boxer-Kerry Will Cost the Economy

Barbara Boxer and John Kerry are pushing their cap-and-trade legislation in the Senate. This legislation would place an enormous burden on American families by raising gas prices, heating costs, energy taxes, and unemployment. Read More.

Many public policies have noticeable effects across the entire economy. These papers describe those policies and trace how they shape and reshape the way we live our economic lives.


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