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Farm Bill

The "Farm Bill" Has the Wrong Name

This is not a farm bill; it's a food stamp bill. Food stamps make up roughly 80 percent of the bill. The 20 percent of the bill that is left is mostly handouts in the form of corporate welfare and other programs that benefit special interests. View Graphic.

Obama's Christmas Tree Tax Is Back

After three failed attempts to set up a voluntary promotional system, the Christmas tree industry turned to the federal government force Christmas tree producers and importers to pay for a promotional program. The costs would... Read More.

The Rich and Famous at the Farm Bill Trough

The farming industry as a whole is enjoying record profits, yet special interests continue to lobby Congress to create new programs that not only help guarantee profit, but pad their already healthy bottom line. Large corporate farms... Read More.

Farm Bill Primer: 10 Things You Should Know

The farm bill is central planning at its very worst. If left on its current path, the farm bill will continue to roll right over taxpayers and leave any notion of fiscal responsibility in the dust... Read More.

The "farm bill," is a multi-billion-dollar tangle of welfare payments, agriculture subsidies, and environmental patronage. While called the "farm bill," nearly 80% of the costs are for a program called SNAP, better known as food stamps. This program has grown dramatically in recent years. Most of the remaining provisions of the farm bill address agriculture policy and are a costly collection of farm subsidies, price controls, and tariffs that do more harm than good.


Experts on Farm Bill