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House and Senate Members and Staff 

The Policy Services and Policy Outreach departments provide Congress with the policy recommendations, in-depth analyses, and conservative ideas expressed in Heritage’s articles, publications, blog posts, and other products.

A Blueprint for Congressional Fiscal Action

Congress has the opportunity this fall to cap and cut spending, move to budget balance, and reform aspects of taxation to encourage the economy to grow. Read More.

Closing Guantanamo: Analysis of the Senate Provision

For the first time since the Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention facility was opened in January 2002, the Senate has mapped out a path to closure of the controversial facility. Read More.

Congress Must End Funding to Planned Parenthood

Congress should redirect funds to health centers that provide care for women without entanglement in abortion or questionable handling of baby parts. Read More.

How Planned Parenthood Calculates Abortion Claims

Planned Parenthood claims that abortions only account for only 3% of the abortions they provide but their definition of “medical service” is broad. Read More.

Obama’s Plan to Avoid Senate Review of the Paris Protocol

The White House plan shows contempt for the U.S. treaty process and the role of Congress, particularly the Senate. Read More.

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